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Motorcycle Head Injuries: Concussions vs. TBI

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardy. And today, I’d like to talk about concussions. If a motorcyclist sustains a concussion, is it considered a serious traumatic brain injury? Maybe yes and maybe no. If a motorcyclist has a diagnosis of a concussion, he definitely has experienced a type of traumatic brain injury.

The question is whether or not it is a serious brain injury of concern. Any blow, bump, hit or jolt to the head or body causes the brain to bounce and move quickly back and forth in the skull cavity. And this movement can cause damage to brain cells.

Even mild concussions can have serious side effects

Even if a biker is diagnosed with a mild concussion and it’s not life threatening, there could still be some very serious side effects. Generally, after a motorcycle accident with a head injury, signs of a concussion show up pretty quickly. However, it’s also true that some symptoms may take hours or days to appear.

A fallen biker might seem dazed or confused at first, but an hour or two later, may not even remember the accident or how he got injured. That’s why it’s important to seek immediate medical attention in order to make a proper diagnosis of the severity of the concussion.

What a patient must tell the doctor

The patient must tell the medical provider whether he lost consciousness and if so, for how long, and how hard he hit his head. He should also tell them about any memory loss or seizures right after the injury and whether he has had previous concussions.

The medical provider will decide whether to do a CAT scan of the brain to check for the level of injury and may conduct a neurological test to identify the effects and the severity of the concussion.

If the concussion is severe

If the concussion is very severe, the patient might experience long term memory loss, difficulty learning, coordination and balance problems, impairment of speech, hearing or vision, and disruptive and upsetting emotions. If the concussion is not as severe, the patient should feel better in a couple of weeks.

Post concussive syndrome

However, there is something known as post concussive syndrome, which is when the symptoms last weeks to months after the motorcycle accident. This usually occurs only with people who have had experienced prior concussions. They too usually will go away after a time.

The importance of a correct helmet

Only a motorcycle helmet can protect you from a severe concussion. While there is no one helmet that is concussion proof, it should be age appropriate, be worn consistently and correctly, and be certified for use.

If you’ve been injured

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