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Meet the Team

  • Mike Lombardi – Esq.Mike Lombardi – Esq.
  • Alyssa Volpi – Esq.Alyssa Volpi – Esq.
  • Sulay Martinez – Office manger Sulay Martinez – Office manger
  • Cautry Gomes – Case ManagerCautry Gomes – Case Manager
  • Imary Alicea – Case mangerImary Alicea – Case manger
  • Mayelyn Gomez – Case ManagerMayelyn Gomez – Case Manager
  • Jamira Cruz – Front DeskJamira Cruz – Front Desk
  • Anabel Silverio – Legal AssistantAnabel Silverio – Legal Assistant
  • Denise Sierra – Legal AssistantDenise Sierra – Legal Assistant
  • Destiny Morales – Legal AssistantDestiny Morales – Legal Assistant
  • Erika Mota – Legal AssistantErika Mota – Legal Assistant
  • Genesis Hernandez – Legal AssistantGenesis Hernandez – Legal Assistant
  • Jasmine Almaraz – Legal AssistantJasmine Almaraz – Legal Assistant
  • Nathaly Fernandez – Legal AssistantNathaly Fernandez – Legal Assistant
  • LenoreLenore

Battle Tested & Razor Sharp Lawyers in Rhode Island

Important legal matters call for representation by attorneys with outstanding credentials, specialized knowledge, and a wealth of experience.

Attorneys Michael R. Lombardi and Alyssa Volpi offer you all the expertise of a full-size law firm, in a comfortable, personalized atmosphere. They are prominent lawyers whose ultimate objective is to help clients obtain the best possible outcome in their arbitration and trial matters. The firm is highly revered for its ability to handle the most challenging legal situations with targeted and steadfast intensity.

Representing clients both in court and during settlement negotiations. At Mike Lombardi & Associates, our Rhode Island attorneys’ main concentration includes all areas of personal injury law. They have extensive experience in all aspects of personal injury claims with an impressive record of success. All three of our attorneys have a reputation for successful wins in and out of the courtroom.

To get started, contact the firm at 401-600-0000 and schedule a consultation.

Standing Up for Injury Victims in Rhode Island & Massachusetts

Results matter in all legal matters, and they’re particularly important in personal injury cases. The outcome will affect you and your loved ones today and for years to come. There’s no reason you should have to forgo your dreams of college for your children, weddings, vacations, and a comfortable retirement because of the actions of others.

Nonetheless, we want to stress the fact that we have handled literally thousands of auto accident cases, and we have a tremendous success rate when it comes to obtaining the settlements our clients have justly deserved. Our firm is one that not only the courts but also the insurance companies and their attorneys have come to respect.

No matter the circumstances surrounding an accident, no matter what you’ve been told, and no matter what you may think about the accident—give us a call. The quicker our Rhode Island personal injury lawyers can start looking into your case, the better able we will be to help protect your rights. We realize the burdens that personal injuries can place on victims and their families, and the idea of filing a lawsuit can look like just another complicating factor, but personal injury victims don’t have to go it alone.

It’s been our experience that personal injury victims who seek and get professional advice can greatly reduce their feelings of helplessness, bewilderment, and confusion—and it can also increase their chances of getting the compensation they deserve.

Call us today at 401-600-0000 to schedule your free consultation with one of our Rhode Island attorneys.



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