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Alyssa Volpi is a member of both the Rhode Island and Massachusetts bar. She is a magna cum laude graduate of Roger Williams University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in legal studies and creative writing. Alyssa went on to attend Northeastern University School of Law (“NUSL”). Through NUSL’s well-known co-op program, she gained legal experience with the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in the Homicide Unit, as well as with a prominent Boston criminal defense firm where she continued to work upon graduating from NUSL. Alyssa has extensive experience with both state and federal criminal law. She is especially skilled at organizing and deciphering voluminous discovery in complex cases ranging from wire fraud to first-degree murder. Alyssa is a skilled legal researcher and writer; she has drafted and argued various criminal motions ranging from motions to dismiss before the State Courts to § 2255 motions to vacate before the Federal Courts. Alyssa has successfully argued dismissal of criminal complaints throughout the Rhode Island and Massachusetts District Courts. Alyssa has also successfully negotiated various sentencing agreements leading to non-jail dispositions, reduction of felony charges to misdemeanors and dismissal of criminal charges altogether. 

Alyssa also has experience dealing with complex personal injury litigation, including drafting complaints, researching, and drafting dispositive motions, organizing and analyzing complex medical records, and coordinating with medical experts. Her unrelenting pretrial preparation and commitment to her client’s cases has resulted in her successful litigation of civil cases throughout Rhode Island and Massachusetts. Alyssa has been able to negotiate six-figure settlements on multiple personal injury cases including slip and falls, dog bites and car accident cases. Alyssa’s investigative and analytical skills have invariably led her to uncover the “smoking gun” in the case, thereby cornering civil defendants into big money settlements for their wrongdoing. 

Alyssa is also experienced in dealing with personal injury cases prior to the litigation phase. She has experience dealing with insurance companies at the claim phase and has handled hundreds of statutory arbitrations pursuant §27-10.3-1 which have resulted in successful, and timely, car accident claim settlements. Her policy limit demands pursuant Asermely v. Allstate Insurance Co., 728 A.2d 461 (1999) have led to large settlements for her clients without having to endure the time and expense of litigation. 

Attorney Volpi is committed to ensuring the best possible results for her clients. Contact her at Mike Lombardi Injury Lawyers for competent legal advice or assistance.



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