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5 Tips for Safe Motorcycle Riding!

Motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road. So follow these five tips to protect yourself from unaware drivers, your most dangerous road sharers. It’s a fact that motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road and face many dangers from unaware car and truck drivers. For too many years, the numbers have shown that motorcycle fatalities make up a disproportionate percentage of accident deaths.

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Here are some tips that will help keep you safe from drivers who just aren’t paying attention to your riding your motorcycle.

  1. Position your motorcycle to avoid blind spots.
  2. Use turn signals for every turn or lane change you make.
  3. Stay visible on the road both day and night, so drivers have a better chance of seeing you. This means using reflective tape and wearing bright clothing.
  4. Have your high beams on while riding even during the day.
  5. Enter intersections with caution. Always assume others don’t see you.

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