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Six Step Process to Win Your Case .

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Step 1: Initial Meeting

The first thing we’ll do is hear you out; We’ll want to learn all the facts of your case, and we’ll listen to you.

The next thing we’ll do is explain the whole process we’ll go through to obtain a fair settlement. We” be careful to explain the role we’ll play in the process and answer any questions you have or that we’ve raised.

Our next step will involve obtaining all the information we can about you, your injuries—personal or property—and the treatment you’ve undergone or will have to undergo and this includes a look into the future. If, say, you injured your knee in an accident, that could mean that five, ten years down the road, you might need a knee replacement. Together we will go over all the possibilities.

We’ll also thoroughly review your insurance coverage and that of the other motorist so we’ll end up with a clear picture of coverage, limits, and so on.

Step 2: You’re Now Under Our “Protective Care”

We’ll handle all the issues and problems that come up, including talking with adjustors, doctors, therapists, etc. We’ll ask you to send any bills, letters, and such that come your way.

At that point, we’ll want to make sure you concern yourself with getting better and getting your life back on track.

Step 3: Information Gathering

You can leave the information-gathering to us. We’ll get copies of photos, witness statements, police reports, and copies of all your medical records and bills. We’ll also document all your lost wages, and this will include overtime that you would have worked had it not been for your accident.

We’ll give you a good idea of other information we’ll need to handle your case. This includes expenses you’ve incurred—taxi rides to your doctors or therapists, the ibuprofen and other drugs you’ve bought over the counter, even how many Ace bandages you’ve gone through—all your out-of-pocket expenses. We know from my experience that those can add up.

We’ll also be interested in hearing from you how your accident has affected your life. Were you unable to attend your children’s soccer games? Did you have to forgo using tickets you had for a ball game or a play? Have you had to hire someone to clean the house or unclog the gutters, things you would have normally been able to handle?

Step 4: Demand and Negotiation

We’re hard hitting when it comes to negotiations. We’ll take all the above information we’ve collected from you and present it as a “package” to the insurance company. In it, we’ll give the company all the facts and figures and document every penny you’re entitled to under the law. We’ll also let the insurance company know exactly how your life has been affected by your accident.

The insurance company will end up knowing we are as serious as can be in our desire to get you the compensation you deserve.

Step 5: Litigation

Litigation, of course, is our last resort. When the insurance company realizes we are willing and able to go to court, they’ll sit up and take notice.

In the meantime, I’ll use the threat of an impending court date as leverage in trying to obtain a great settlement offer.

Step 6: Building Lifelong Personal Relationships

Our work on your behalf won’t stop once you receive your settlement check. Our goal is to become your go-to lawyer for all your legal needs, and we’ll be particularly honored if you refer your friends and family to us. We’ll show them the same attention to detail and determination we will have shown you. That’s how we practice law—we want to develop personal relationships with our clients.



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