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Best Safety Gear For Motorcyclists

What kind of motorcycle gear helps you stay safer on the road? Good motorcycle gear is essential for keeping bikers safe. Shorts and a t-shirt won’t do that. Good motorcycle gear helps protect bikers from the elements, such as sun, wind, and rain, as well as from noise, debris, and the pavement. It’s like a second skin working to keep you safe.

I’m personal injury attorney, Mike Lombardi. Experienced motorcyclists will tell you that the biggest benefit of motorcycle gear is crash protection. It’s designed to prevent road rash and abrasions, reduce any impact to your joints and keep you safe from a traumatic brain injury.

Helmets save lives

Without a doubt, the best equipment for safety is a helmet. Helmets, although not mandatory in many states, help save lives and protect bikers from serious head injuries. They also offer protection from wind, noise, and turbulence.

Other pieces of important safety gear

  • Eye protection keeps your eyes from drying out and keeps debris and bugs from flying into them.
  • Earplugs are also important to keep wind and noise down at fast speeds and to protect your hearing from loud sounds.
  • Jackets, pants, and suits made from heavy materials and thicker leather, including kangaroo skin, provide the best protection in a high speed crash.
  • Tight fitting padding or body armour adds a layer of important protection in the event of a motorcycle accident and won’t shift out of position.

Dress for the weather

When choosing what to wear in hot weather, look for a jacket or suit with good ventilation. Vented gear actually keeps you cooler. In wet, rainy weather, find a suit that has a laminated waterproof membrane on the outside. This keeps the rain from leaking in.

Boots and jeans

Motorcycle boot makers are now manufacturing boots with flexible impact technology that protects the foot and absorbs the shock of an impact. Wearing regular jeans doesn’t afford much protection, but those made with Kevlar linings or weaves or similar materials do.

Motorcycle gloves

Motorcycle gloves help minimize any abrasions from any impact to key areas like palms, knuckles and fingers. Gloves also help motorcyclists grip the steering wheel when hands are sweaty in hot weather, while padded gloves protects hands from going numb from the vibrations of the bike.

Invest in quality gear

You’ve made an investment in your motorcycle. Be sure to make one in your safety as well by buying good quality and certified motorcycle gear. However, even if you’re an experienced biker with the best gear, motorcycle accidents do happen. Please give me a call or text me at Mike Lombardi Injury Attorneys, so we can discuss your case. We would love to help you.

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