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Gas vs. Electric Motorcycles: Which is Best?

I’m personal injury attorney, Michael Lombardi.

Gas or electric, which motorcycle type is best for you? If you’re wondering which kind of motorcycle to buy, gas or electric, let’s look at the pros and cons of each to help you decide.


Both gas and electric motorcycles are fun to ride. So, choosing one may depend on your wallet and what you want of the bike. Most motorcyclists choose a gas-powered bike. They are definitely faster, are great for long trips, have a high resale value, and they are less expensive. Nonetheless, gas motorcycles do have their disadvantages. They’re a lot heavier than electric motorcycles, and they require strength, ability, and effort to move and drive them around. You also want your bike to be in top running condition. So good maintenance is imperative. Unless you’re a mechanic yourself, maintaining a gas bike can be expensive. They’re also less environmentally friendly than electric ones. They really are bad polluters. 


The opposite is true for electric motorcycles with fewer greenhouse emissions. They reduce air pollution and help diminish the negative effects of global warming. They are also a lot lighter and easier for younger and older riders to drive and maneuver. They don’t require riders to learn how to use a clutch or change gears, and they require less maintenance than a gas-powered bike. Like their counterpart, they too have some cons. They cost more because their electricity use in replacing a battery can be expensive. They are not good for going on long trips because the more you drive them, the more you have to stop and charge them; finding a charging place can be difficult and time-consuming.

Choosing the type of motorcycle you want is going to be a matter of preference, based on the pros and cons of whichever one you choose. Be sure to stay safe on the road, wear protective gear, and pay strict attention to the road and traffic around you. Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even if you do everything right. If you’ve been in a motorcycle or car accident, that wasn’t your fault, please give me a call or text me at Michael Lombardi injury attorney’s, so we can discuss your case. We want to help you in any way we can.



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