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Hand Or Turn Signals: Which Is Best?

Hand or turn signals, which kind is best to use when riding a motorcycle? Do hand signals have a place in today’s motorcycling? The answer is absolutely.

Quite a while back, in the early days of signaling your intention while driving a car or motorcycle, people actually used hand signals. Technology came along in the 1950s and hand signals became an adapted part of every type of motorized vehicle on the road.

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Because turn signal technology has greatly advanced over the years for both cars and motorcycles, you wouldn’t really expect to see a passenger car or truck driver use hand signals. However, that’s not necessarily true for motorcyclists.

Hand signals or electric signals? Use both!

Why would motorcyclists use hand signals if they already have turn signals on their bikes? And which ones should they use? Hand signals or electric signals? Our answer is both.

Drivers of passenger cars are notorious for not seeing motorcycles on the road, either because they are not paying attention, are distracted, or because they truly don’t see them. That accounts for the high incidence of motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities, especially when a driver is making a left turn in front of a biker at an intersection.

Three reasons why hand signals are important

Using hand signals is important for three reasons. First, you may be riding a vintage bike that doesn’t have turn signals. Second, you may discover your turn signals aren’t working. And third, it helps make you more visible on the road.

Anything that will help a motorcyclist be seen on the road is important, and hand signals rank high as being an excellent way to alert drivers to your presence. The mere movement of your left hand and arm can catch a driver’s attention when an electric turn signal might not.

Hand signals can help you avoid accidents

Even though not all the hand signals used by bikers are understood by passenger car drivers, motion a right, left and stop. Using hand signals not only helps you with your visibility, but with making your intentions clear. Hand signals can help you avoid motorcycle accidents.

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