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Motorcycle Helmet Myths Debunked!

The myths believed by some bikers for not wearing a motorcycle helmet are just that–myths. Some of the reasons people have given for not wearing a motorcycle helmet are almost laughable if it were a laughing matter. However, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident and you’re not wearing a helmet, the consequences could be tragic.

I’m personal injury attorney, Mike Lombardi. You’ve seen motorcyclists on the road. Some are wearing helmets and some are not. Because we are so concerned about motorcycle safety, we really wondered what myths unhelmeted bikers believe to rationalize not wearing one. Here are some of the answers given and why they just aren’t true.

Helmets damage your neck and spine

Myth number one: helmets damage your neck and spine. Because of the helmet’s weight, they can cause damage to your neck and spinal cord in a motorcycle accident. This is untrue. Certified motorcycle helmets are technologically designed to protect your head when it hits the ground or another object. It lessens the impact to your head, protecting you from potential brain damage.

Your ability to hear

Myth number two: helmets impair your ability to hear. This is untrue. Newer designs even help block out wind noise, enabling you to better hear important traffic sounds such as horns, sirens and passing cars.

Peripheral vision

Myth number three: helmets block your peripheral vision. This is also untrue. All Department of Transportation compliant helmets must allow for at least a 210 degree range of vision. You only need about 100 degrees for normal peripheral vision.

A false sense of safety

Myth number four: helmets give you a false sense of safety and security, so you drive less carefully. This is also untrue. Research shows that bikers who wear the most protective gear are also the safest on the streets.

I’ve never worn a helmet

Myth number five: “I’ve never worn a helmet, and I’m fine without one.” This is untrue as well. Given the fact that motorcycle riders are 26 times more likely to have a fatal crash than passenger cars, it takes a real gamble not to wear a helmet. Some studies show that wearing a helmet can reduce the fatality risk by one third.

Wear a helmet

Don’t tempt Lady Luck. Wear the helmet. Even if you are a careful and responsible motorcyclist and wear a motorcycle helmet, accidents do happen.

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