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Motorcycle Riders: Beware Of Car Doors!

When a car door and a motorcyclist collide, it can be fatal. Being doored is a common cause of motorcycle accidents. That’s when a motorcycle is passing a parked or stopped car and the driver or backseat passenger opens their door in front of the rider.

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Serious injuries or even death can occur when a motorcyclist and a car door make contact. This is called dooring or being doored. It can happen to a motorcyclist as well as bicycle riders.

How dooring happens

Dooring happens when a cyclist crashes into an open car door. If the rider doesn’t have enough time to swerve out of the open door’s way, he can face serious injury from being thrown into a lane of traffic, tipping over, flying over the handlebars or crashing onto the pavement. Anyone who is doored is very likely to be injured. Even if the rider is wearing a helmet, he could be the victim of traumatic brain injuries.

Why does dooring happen so often

The reason dooring is such a common type of motorcycle accident is because the motorists simply do not check their rear view or side mirrors when exiting their cars. Adding to that, motorcyclists are harder to see than cars or trucks.

How to avoid being doored

Here are a few ways you could avoid being doored: scan the cars up ahead. Can you see brake lights? Can you tell if the vehicle is occupied, maybe through the side view mirror or window? If so, someone may be about to get out of the car. If you see a taxi stopped, be aware that a passenger may likely be about to open a door.

Other safety measures

As a motorcyclist, you are allowed to occupy a full lane of traffic. Try to ride outside the open door zone, and if you must, use the full lane, as long as it is safe to stay away from cars parked or stopped on the road.

Slow down and be prepared to stop before making contact with the door. Awareness and anticipation is needed to safely travel busy streets with stopped or parked cars. If you stay alert, you can hopefully avoid opening car doors.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen even if you do everything right. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, please give me a call or text Mike Lombardi Injury Attorneys, so we can discuss your case. We want to help you in any way we can.

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