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Motorcycle Riders Make The Best Of Social Distancing

Hi, I am personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Do you have free time because of COVID- 19? Use it to hone your motorcycle skills! Many of us have been stuck at home because of the coronavirus; with all that is bad about COVID- 19, it does leave some of you with free time.

Why Ride Your Motorcycle!

If you’re a motorcyclist, what better time than now to use your free hours to get on your bike and ride! Using the natural social distancing motorcycles provide, you can get outdoors and hone your riding skills. Riding skills are a lifelong process, so it’s always important that you practice for improvement. 

Best Places To Practice

Some good places to practice your motorcycle riding skills at slow speeds are large open areas or lots without any obstacles. Ride in a town or on the highways for breaking and shifting practice. The most important riding skill riders usually need to improve is following at a proper distance. Depending on road conditions, you want to observe the two to three-second rule between you and the other traffic. Observe the four-second rule when going around a curve or approaching an intersection because so many accidents occur when going around a curve. 

Skills To Practice

Practice your cornering techniques. Choose a non-busy, curvy two-lane road and practice braking before entering the curve. Paying attention to the position of your body before entering the curve and how to use the throttle during the turn. Shifting practice is important. Ride through local streets. They have a lot of stop signs in some hills, and in this scenario, you have to do a lot of upshifting as you accelerate and then downshifting as you approach the stop signs. 

New Or Inexperienced Riders

If you have a new bike or haven’t ridden in a while, go to an empty lot and practice braking so you can get familiar with how your brakes react. This will help keep you safe in a potential accident situation because you’ll know how your motorcycle responds. When you have to apply the brakes quickly, be sure you use both the brake lever and rear brake for practicing safely. Practice riding at different speeds, your bike reacts differently at different speeds, so this will help you stay in tune with your bike’s handling needs. There are certainly other motorcycle skills you want to hone, so if you have the time to go out and practice, not only will this help you with necessary riding experience, it will help you to just get out and do something productive.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, no matter how much you practice and how experienced you are. If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault, please give me a call or text me at Mike Lombardi Injury Attorneys, so we can discuss your case. We want to help you in any way we can.



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