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If you are facing criminal charges, your bail hearing is an important part of the legal process, and it is vital that you secure experienced, knowledgeable legal representation as soon as possible. A dedicated criminal defense attorney can help you understand the charges brought against you and can represent you at your bail or dangerousness hearing. The penalties of a criminal conviction can be severe, and there is too much at stake to risk representing yourself. Though some people erroneously believe they do not need a lawyer for their bail hearing, it is never too early to start protecting your rights and freedom.

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What Happens at a Bail Hearing?

Most bail hearings occur in the various district courts, and many are held in the Sixth Division District located in Providence or in the Third Division District Court in Warwick. In some ways, you can consider your bail or dangerousness hearing as a “mini-trial” in which there is no jury present. At your bail hearing, a judge will determine the conditions for your release while charges are pending. During this hearing, a judge will assess both your flight risk and whether or not you pose a danger to the community. In some cases, your defense attorney may also work to convince the prosecutor to give you bail prior to the hearing, removing the necessity of a judge having to make the decision.

A judge considers many things at your bail or dangerousness hearing, including your:

Because bail and dangerousness hearings can be so complicated, it is important that you hire legal representation you feel confident in. At Mike Lombardi & Associates, our Providence bail hearing attorneys have the extensive experience handling bail and dangerousness hearings you are looking for.
An Aggressive Defense When You Need It Most

The criminal defense team at Mike Lombardi & Associates knows how difficult it is to face criminal charges, and we are driven to provide our clients with the best possible defense. We know that a successful defense requires a thorough investigation of your case and a detail-oriented approach that leaves no stone unturned. Voted a “10 Best Attorney” for client satisfaction in 2017 by the American Institute of Criminal Law Attorneys, we are adept at handling cases at both the federal and state levels, across Rhode Island and Massachusetts. When results matter, call Mike Lombardi & Associates.

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