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Riding Heavy Bikes Take Skill

I am personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Heavier bikes take much work for a smoother ride. Handling a heavy motorcycle, takes some strength and training to get a safe and smooth ride.

Why Heavy Bikes Take Skill

Even though lighter motorcycles are easy to ride and, sometimes, even safer, I know there are a lot of road warriors out there that love their heavier bikes. These bikes can be harder to maneuver in traffic because of their weight, especially at slow speeds. However, with practice and experience, you can make the ride on a heavy bike pretty smooth.

Riding Safe With A Heavy Bike

Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

  • It’s harder to tilt a heavier bike but try tilting it in the direction of the foot that is down before you take off by slightly tilting the bike. You’ll find this gets you going in the right direction even before you have to steer.
  • Point your foot in whichever direction you want to go and properly position your body for the tilt.
  • Don’t jerk the handlebars, it may take some practice if you’re a novice but keep your hands steady.
  • Drive slowly and you’ll have a smooth ride.
  • If you look at the road ahead instead of at your hands or your feet, you’ll naturally balance yourself.
  • Don’t forget that a heavier bike requires additional braking distance. So, stay attuned to where you are in relation to other traffic.
  • To slow down or stop, don’t use the front brake as it can cause the front wheel to tuck and you to fall. Slow the bike using your rear brake and then use your front one.
  • You must practice riding your heavier bike so that you can become accustomed to the feel of riding it. The more you ride, the more experience you gain and the safer the ride will be.
  • You should purchase some high-quality motorcycle boots for good protection and for a good solid foothold.
  • If you follow these tips, for riding a heavier motorcycle, you should learn to feel safe on the road. Remember to practice and please don’t buy a bike that’s too much for you to try it on for size before you buy. See if you can handle the weight and make sure you do what’s required to do it safely.

    Unfortunately, no matter how responsible you drive either a lighter or heavier motorcycle, accidents do happen, if you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident that wasn’t your fault please give me a call or text me at Mike Lombardi Injury Attorneys, so we can help you in any way we can.



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