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What Are the BEST Colors For Motorcycle Apparel?

What are the best and worst colors for motorcycle apparel? Black leather on a motorcyclist may be cool, but it can also be dangerous. Visibility for motorcyclists is paramount. If drivers can’t see them, they could be in trouble.

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. The annual number of motorcycle accident deaths each year is around 5,000. Most of these accidents happen as a result of the drivers not seeing the bikers.

High visibility clothing

Here are some very important facts. Studies show that motorcyclists are 37% less likely to be involved in a motorcycle wreck when wearing high visibility or fluorescent clothing.

Any dark colors, especially black, are the worst colors for motorcyclists to wear. Not only are dark colors extremely hot in the summer, but they are the most difficult colors for drivers to see.

Instead, consider wearing specially designed high visibility clothing. Bright colors that reflect light are the best colors for optimal visibility, like the neon colors, lime green, orange, and yellow. Neon yellow is the most visible of all, and orange comes in second.

A simple solution

There is a simple solution for being visible that doesn’t require a whole new motorcycle wardrobe: a visibility vest. You’ve seen them on construction and roadside workers, as well as on hunters. They are bright and eye-catching. These specialized vests come complete with reflective tape and will reflect the light from headlights when driving at night.

Don’t limit your visibility to vests

But don’t limit your visibility to just vests. Highly visible clothing should include jackets, rain gear, t-shirts, helmets, wind pants, and gloves. You can find these clothing articles online or at motorcycle dealerships and in retail stores that cater to bikers.

Don’t be complacent

Recent studies show that complacency on the part of the motorcyclists to dress in high visibility gear runs high. It is of utmost importance that you, the rider, take the responsibility to be as visible as possible. Please don’t be complacent.

Unfortunately, accidents do happen to even the most responsible motorcyclists. If you’re a victim of a motorcycle accident, please give me a call or text me at Mike Lombardi Injury Attorneys, so we can discuss your case. We want to help you in any way we can.

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