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Why Helmets are SO Important!

I’m personal injury attorney Mike Lombardi. Today, I’d like to talk about why helmets are so important. Helmets can prevent a traumatic brain injury in a motorcycle accident. If you’re not wearing one, why aren’t you? Doctors, scientists and many motorcyclists agree that wearing a motorcycle helmet can limit severe injuries. So why are some bikers not wearing them, and what can happen if they aren’t?

The image of freedom

Riding a motorcycle is largely synonymous with freedom. The image of the wind blowing through your hair, riding freely and unencumbered on a beautiful day is how many see motorcycling. It is a passion that can lead to lifelong friendships. It’s a wonderful stress releaser, a great way to experience the outdoors, and it’s fun. I don’t think anyone has an issue with those reasons.

Why won’t many bikers wear helmets?

The reasons vary. Some admit vanity, saying it gives them helmet hair. Other reasons include that they don’t look cool. They’re hot to wear. They are annoying, and they impair vision and hearing.

Complications of a brain injury

Are these reasons enough not to wear a motorcycle helmet? I don’t think so. Significant complications of a brain injury can occur after a head injury and even after medical treatment. Serious problems include memory loss, both short term and long term.

There may be chronic pain because the brain might have difficulty processing signals from the body. It might incorrectly interpret some signals as pain in an early onset of dementia, with Alzheimer’s being the most common type.

Long-term disabilities

Among the long-term disabilities caused by TBI are loss of motor skills and coordination, permanent paralysis, recurring seizures, inability to work and maintain a livable income, long term depression, anxiety, mood swings, and excessive anger.

Helmet laws and traumatic brain injury statistics

Studies show that in states that have mandatory helmet laws, helmet use was 88%. In states without such laws, the rate of helmet use was 42%. In states without a universal helmet law, the likelihood of a traumatic brain injury was more than twice that of states with a universal helmet law.

The bottom line is that even though a motorcycle accident can result in a minor head injury like a mild concussion, helmets are sturdier than a human skull and can most definitely prevent traumatic brain injuries. Please wear a helmet.

If you were injured

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